write like you mean it!

What i’ve been up to lately:

Ive sort of found my niche as a writer. Not the same thing as voice, only kinda-sorta my market… More like my “brand”

“Weird fanatsy” that, at least is how Brandon Sanderson would classify it. It’s more literary than the stuff he writes (something he calls “orwellian” prose). Some authors don’t think that really great lines ought to be in their books…not when they make you hold the book out in front of you and go “holy crap that was a nice line!”

THAT is what i’m all about. Two of my favorite books, are the “alice in wonderland” books and not just because i have a 1942 boxed set of them. But because they’re just so (explitive) clever! They’re certainly NOT page-turners. They’re MAD, for better and for worse, depending on how mad you are. They aren’t for everyone. But they’re for me. And that is the kind of stuff i want to write. Not books for me, but books for you, or maybe someone else who is a bit more mad than you. I want you to, at LEAST once per book, set it on your lap, wrinkle your nose and tell yourself, as if you didnt know already, “this book is for me!” and “that line….omg that line right there!”

Found my muse too: SPITE!

To each his own i suppose.

The weirdness i’ve concocted since last post:

- New novel: The Bloodletter’s Star. (working title) It’s about a candlemaker whose family business is failing because magic has just come into being and everyone can make artificial light. Also he suspects a monastic corporation of stealing peoples’ blood. 

It’s a “punk” fanatsy novel. I’d like to coin the term “manapunk” and id like to be the genre’s grandfather…but thats way too freaking self-centered and pretentious…so pretend i said nothing, but use the term and credit me…

Only my writing group has seen it and they all like it. (most of them more than Homunculus and the Cat)

- New novel: Copperblossom (also a working title) It’s a steampunk novel about photosynthesis and photography. It’s a lot of fun, and it will piss a lot of people off. (including myself.) I can promise a misuse of history, science and whatever else i feel like throwing against the wall.

(a few people have seen this outside of my writing group and everyone who has sadi anything has loved it. which is interesting since i usually get a handful of people who hate my work, and this one is intended to piss people off…shrug)

Updates on existing projects:

Pantheon is getting remodeled…like gutted and totally re-written int he way i had always swron id never do. (out of laziness and fear of work)

Homunculus and the Cat got some really great praise from a top New York agent, though she though it was “too unique to sell.” Thereafter about 20 form rejections…

Detiary in Prose was shut down like a 30-year old white guy who refused to take off his belt in airport security…wait bad example, i totally pulled that off without getting trouble! screw you TSA! (but i quite re-writing short myths because i had trouble doing one a week and i wanted to focus on my novels)

Except…one of the dudes in my writing group thought The Salmon of Wisdom was so good i should try and get it published…maybe ill start doing those again?

That is about it….not a lot of physical output, but much conceptual “work…” pfft.


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